Following on from their Grammy-nominated rework of Paul McCartney’s ‘Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five’, Timo Maas and James Teej have been back in the studio writing their first original material in 18 months for the Cuba EP. The EP was released on Timo Maas’ very own label Rockets & Ponies on 20th March and also features 2 remixes from Soulphiction of track ‘Mary Wanna’.

The title track ‘Cuba’ is a unique blend of high-pitched, jazz-y piano chords and deep, dark beats. It displays experimentalism at its finest, bringing together two opposing sounds in one place but making it work. This track has the capacity to make any listener feel dazed and confused with its weirdly wonderful groovy swing and head-tapping beats. ‘Mary Wanna’ remains in the realms of experimental with whirring snares and live sounding synth. 

Next on the EP are 2 remixes of ‘Mary Wanna’ by Soulphiction, the German-born DJ and owner of Phil-Pot Records. The first remix Dskodub reworks the original into a more disco-filled groove, emphasising the voice-overs and enhancing the live synth sounds. The second remix by Soulphiction is the Bones Mix, a more stripped back version that consists of a steady dark bass and rhythm throughout that work their way up and down throughout the track like a techno jenga.