Following a fruitful and fulfilling collaboration between these two bastions of quality music, this dynamic and determined duo are ready to unveil the next installment in their conducive, beneficial and successful partnership.

Timo Maas should be no stranger to anyone with even a small knowledge in beats and bleeps with a strew of excellent and exciting EPs and LPs. Nor should Brian Molko, the singer-songwriter as well as guitarist of perhaps the greatest Indie band of all time: Placebo. Pairing these two heavyweights could indeed be cause for concern as both of their styles could not be more contrasting, however, nothing could be further from the truth as their previous output will attest to.

After the roaring success of “First Day” which saw the internet go wild at this random yet brilliant combination, Timo Maas and Brian Molko are happy to uncover their next single: “College 84” which will be released on Timo’s own label Rockets and Ponies. “College 84” is a sinister electronic number with stabbing chords and hypnotic vocals provided by Molko himself. The overall result is an epic and anthemic club track.

The EP is already available as a pre-order on iTunes and comes with spooky remixes from the likes of &ME and Adam Port from the Keinemusik camp as well as Sam Young. With an official music video to accompany the original and both the originals and remixes doing the rounds in Ibiza this summer, we are very excited to see the world stand up and take note of this superb single.