Tim, an already highly revered artist in the global techno scene has collaborated on his new single with The Slow Revolt, a songwriter and producer with an ethereal sound and truly distinctive voice. These two artists really bring out the best in each other and have created what could be one of the singles of the summer for Cityfox Records.

The brilliant “Club Mix” is the lead track and is a real masterpiece. Stripped back to a nine-minuet deep rolling cut, sweeping you along as the vocals ring out on top.

Included on the EP is also a dub version that is moody, broody and with celestial keys and distant pads helps you settle into the groove. The Excellent original is fresh cut with bubbly drums keeping the low end busy and The Slow Revolts airy vocals bringing real emotion to the top end.

This collaborative release is another benchmark release from not only the agenda setting Cityfox, but also from two artists in very high esteem in their own fields.