Dropping back in July 2013 Tim Green’s Get Physical release “Halftone / Midnight Roller” was a huge success, so much so that is is being re-released again on Get Physical, but this time as a three track remix compilation, “Halftone / Midnight Roller Remixed” EP. The new EP boasts three inventive and original reworks of Tim’s original tracks “Halftone” and “Midnight Roller”.

Avatism remix of “Halftone” is the first up on the EP and sets the bar high for the rest of the release with heavy, dark and moody elements running through. It lays a nice contrast to the effortlessly smooth second remix of “Halftone” from Berlin based artist Atelier Francesco and the EP shows no signs of stopping on the third and final remix on the release, “Midnight Roller” which comes from the super talented Nicson who has just had a successful release on Greens own label Disc Over Music called “Cannonball”.

You can head over and listen to an exclusive track premiere of Atelier Francesco’s “Halftone” remix from the EP at i-D Magazine now. Soothe your mid-week pains with the uplifting elegant groove that this track offers.


All three reworks offer something different to Tim’s original tracks and show a real musical relationship between dance floor grooves and originality.