To accompany his fantastic EP on Canadian label My Favorite Robot, UK tastemaker and Disc Over label boss Tim Green has commissioned this spectacular new video which is being premiered exclusively on FACT Magazine.

Directed by esteemed talent Steven McInery (who has worked with the likes of Jon Hopkins, Bloc Party and Vladislav Delay) and in association with visual designer Paul Skawinski, the video makes use of a custom Nano Projector “Illuminati 1.2” designed by Paul and is a refreshing break from the glut of digitally generated animation and imagery that makes up many music videos these days. In this instance, a real world, hands-on an analogue approach has been taken and the mesmeric results speak for themselves.

The video is based around a series of chemistry experiments, blending a variety of oils and acid base liquids spun at varying speeds and in various directions, whilst a wide range of coloured chemicals were pipetted into the mix. The resulting chemical reactions were recorded on film and provide a glimpse into a beautiful abstract world, which is largely invisible to the unarmed human eye. The extreme optical magnification of the camera lens, the super slow motion 240 frames per second filming and the very high 4k HD resolution of recording open the gates of secret universe of shapes and colours.

The results make for hypnotic, otherworldly and pleasingly synthetic viewing a world away from your average clichéd music video. Perfectly matching the lush, slowly evolving synthscapes and elastic basslines of Tim Green’s fantastic original track, this video is a stunning work of art that truly takes things to the next level.