Tim Green has had a busy summer, with a DJ schedule which has seen him jet set everywhere across Europe and play festivals like SW4 and Bestival; not to mention a release catalog that has grown from strength to strength following EPs and remixes dropping on Cocoon, XL Recordings and more. With the year not even finished and with Tim packing plenty more heat in his forthcoming release arsenal, there is no doubt that he will kick start 2012 like an Olympiad gunning for golds.

It is of that token, that we are happy to announce that Tim’s next release will be on the raucous Rebellion records which is in fact Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels offshoot. This two track EP demonstrates the sound of now all the while maintaining Tim’s undeniable identity as well as his approach to cleverly crafting club cuts aimed at the dancefloor.

The A-Side, Cherry, has been causing quite a stir on Soundcloud, amassing plays and favorites left right and center. It’s soulful, diva-esque vocal is looped up to such great effect that you will be humming it on your way to work and then back home again everyday for a week. Add to that a nice hollow kick drum and tight high hats and what you have is a Tim Green track through and through. In one word: brilliant.

Now if that was not enough, the B-Side, Swamp Girl is a fantastic funked up future house number with crazy synths that ride aloft yet another vocal loop before a superb Hot Creations-esque wet bassline comes and engulfs you up quicker than you can say: groove! In our opinion, neither track deserves to be on the B-side so perhaps in future we will refer to it as the A2 side…

This release demonstrates Tim Green’s prowess as a producer as well as his ability to clearly identify what is hot way before all the wantaway copycats jump on the bandwagon. We are very excited to see what will come next from his box of tricks and if this release is anything to go by, it will no doubt be an awe inspiring record that will firmly cement itself in clubbing culture. Mark our words.