Yep, the rumours are true. Swedish rising techno producer Bleak joins the secretsundaze fam for their 11th release. Bleak is a master of his craft and all 3 tracks stand out for their high end production, driving sound, yet retaining plenty of soul and atmosphere.

Lead and title track ‘Open Space’ is perhaps the most immediate with its typically driving kick and numerous percussive elements all working together alongside gliding, hypnotic pads and chords.

B1 ‘Smoke’ is a simply stunning track with a totally mesmerising quality where despite the thudding kick and relentless techno energy, the more emotive elements of pads, keys and acid twitches come to the fore creating something very memorable.

Last up to complement the two more peak time cuts ‘Missing’ delves deeper providing a perfect foil. This is no pedestrian ‘deep house’ with a tweaky, acidic line fading up in the mix and worming its way into your conscious with more killer percussive elements picking the energy into a tracky hypnotising groove.

So after John Daly’s classic 90’s anthemic Detroit house anthem ‘One More City’ secretsundaze came up with something completely different in the form of the cutting edge techno vibes of Bleak’s ‘Open Space’ illustrating once again secretsundaze’s breadth, vision and a&r prowess.

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