Sebastian Mullaert XLR8R

Our weekly podcasts are required to be assembled specifically and exclusively for XLR8R. That’s just how it works. And because of this, we’re often forced to forsake perfectly viable submissions to the schedule, almost all of which we’d have loved to have shared and supported via our platform. Sometimes, however, the quality of those submissions are just too high to dismiss, and one such mix arrived in our inbox just a few weeks ago from Sebastian Mullaert, the Swedish DJ-producer and live performer who is perhaps most widely acknowledged for his work with Marcus Henriksson under the Minilogue alias. For two years now, Mullaert has been operating as a solo artist, an endeavor that stems from an indefinite hiatus from the collaboration, and one that has seen him tour extensively around the world both as a DJ and a live act, with a number of new releases set to surface on labels including Hypercolour, Drumcode and Mule Musiq, alongside his new release on Green which is dropping in a few weeks’ time.

Reflecting on the events of the past year, Mullaert sent across a one-and-a-half hour segment of a four-hour live set that he played at The Block, Israel earlier this summer. It was, he says, one of the “most memorable” live sets he’s played in some time, and he invited us to share it. Based on the above, we were initially reluctant—but following Mullaert’s delightful Tuesday-afternoon visit to XLR8R’s Berlin office, we decided to make an exception. The segment, as Mullaert explains, contains a mix of both old and upcoming material, alongside lengthy periods of completely improvised, unnamed material which will not be released. It was created then and there, on the spot, for the listeners within the club—and now shared exclusively here too.

XLR8R Podcast 413 – Sebastian Mullaert by Xlr8r on Mixcloud

Read the full article on XLR8R and download the live set though WeTransfer.