On 31st March we saw Sebastian team up with the Tonhalle Philharmonic Orchestra concert for a collaborative performance in Zurich where Classical met Electronic. This was not just a performance, but an all-encompassing experience in every sense. The complex and well-thought out original piece was coupled with nature videos filmed by Tobias Larsson from a helicopter and edited by Projektil.

The performance was an attempt at bridging the gap between two genres that have a lot more in common than may meet the eye. Sebastian Mullaert was a perfect candidate for the concert with his background firmly rooted in Zen meditation, self-awareness and living in the present moment, and that is exactly what the audio-visual experience aims to do.

Alongside their collaboration with Sebastian Mullaert, the Tonhalle Philharmonic Orchestra have also invited the likes of dOP, Octave One, Luke Slater, Henrik Schwarz and Francesco Tristano as guest performers.