Revered Swedish producer Sebastian Mullaert, releases his first exclusive vinyl on Default Position after the huge success of his remix to “Vedanta” in 2014.

It all began with a melody recorded live on Sebastian’s beloved Roland SH101 which features as the intro to his Dance Thru Shadowed Structures Mix. Sometime after this was published the young Daniel[i] was so captivated and inspired that he sampled it and created a twelve minuet remix. Sebastian was impressed with this and together they approached Default Position with the idea of turning it into an EP. The project has resulted in seven individual mixes and the melody has been re-sampled in many different ways, offering several contrasting styles.

“Samunnati” is now a brand new double vinyl EP featuring four original adaptations from Mullaert. It also features the remixes by fellow Swedish duo Knutsson/Berg, Belgium’s Daniel[i] and the label founder Joseph S. Joyce.

The EP is out now on vinyl and available digitally on the 2nd October 2017.