On 22 March Sebastian Mullaert released a remix of Anchorsong’s ‘Gyotens Kalimba’ track featured on his latest album ‘Ceremonial’. The remix consists of Sebastian Mullaert, followed by a second remix from his mysterious pseudonym Wa Wu We. 

The original track combines African influences with tribal beats and synths, and these elements remain in Sebastian’s rework titled ‘Sebastian Mullaert Intensification’, pasting the foundations of the track’s pan-African style over a backdrop of bass and grooves. ‘The Wa Wu We Simplification’ remix takes the track into a deeper, darker realm of experimental and abstract sounds. This version of ‘Gyotens Kalimba’ is minimal and primal, stripping the track right back to its bare bones, taking the listener into a truly immersive experience with no barriers.

Sebastian Mullaert has recently claimed the number 12 spot in the Resident Advisor Top Live Acts poll showing his growing success as an artist. He also has some very exciting projects undergo, pushing his name even further up the ranks.