Sebastian Mullaerts studio environment and creative work space has long been highly regarded and he has only provided a glimpse into the mystery of it… Recently FACT Magazine took the time to involve Sebastian in their “Against The Clock” and “In The Studio” series to truly get an understanding of this interesting studio in an idyllic setting.

Residing on the outskirts of a small village in the south of Sweden Sebastian came across a small building/outhouse in the woods. Together with a friend from the village he completely rebuilt the derelict space into his studio in the woods. Talking through the process and the lengths he went to, to create the right acoustic environment within expresses the allure and interest of the studio.

Discussing his set up with FACT you can see how the mix of vintage analogue gear coupled with cutting edge digital technology allows Sebastian to achieve his distinctive sound.

In a separate video, Sebastian tackled the famous Against The Clock challenge, having only 10 minutes to create a track and show off his work flow. Incorporating loopers, synths and even live instruments in the form of his beloved violin he engaged this challenge in the particular way that only Sebastian would.