As London awaited the arrival of Premiesku for their show at Fabric and Boris Johnson visited RA for his ticket, plans were already being schemed in the wings. No one new but history was about to happen as Premiesku would become the first artist to have their live set recorded in Fabric and then put online. This marks a monumental moment for the guys and from what was a very special gig for them and all involved the set is no less then we expected! You can relive that night and listen to part of the set below!

Also with access to the famous dance floor at the London club before their gig, Premiesku were invited by Stamp The Wax for a live session and to talk us through the processes of their stage show.

An intimate environment in the shell of Fabric was the perfect stage as Premiesku readied themselves behind their self made modulars and machines. The track they chose to enlighten us with was ‘Voice Game’, a track taken from their most recent EP, ‘Jojoman’, on 20/20Vision.

With Stamp The Wax capturing every move the trio made this insight and documentary into how they operate and move us when they play as their live act is extremely interesting. The guys say their live show represents their studio jams, a freedom and ability to create in the moment is something which clearly drives them, they have an ability to be able to connect and react to the crowd infant of them and long may it continue!

See below for the full video of Premiesku’s live session at Fabric HERE!