So much has happened since Premiesku’s last EP two years ago, we have had the London Olympic Games, a World Cup and Miley Cyrus happened. The wait however is over as Premiesku bring us their ‘Pe Dos’ EP, which is now out on vinyl and you can grab them at these links:


The EP is now out in the wild digitally on Beatport and you can grab it here:


The EP consists of three original tracks, ‘Pe Dos’, ‘Noococ’ & ‘Trandafirit’ which have been reworked, moulded and transformed from their original production and raw state. It also features two reworks, one from the talented Avatism who remixes the track ‘Pe Dos’ and the second is from Sons Of Tiki who remix the track ‘Nocooc’. The good news is that the wait is now over with the EP having dropped physically and soon to drop digitally.

To coincide with it’s release XLR8R are giving away “Noococ”, which you can still get your hands on over here:

To start the tease we had track previews of the lead track on the EP, ‘Pe Dos’, In English meaning ‘Inside Out’ due to the way it was created. The track features Premiesku’s classic production control, rolling Hi-Hats and it is a real treat.

Two more track previews to get the blood flowing include the talented Avatism’s dark and moody rework of ‘Pe Dos’ and ‘Trandafirit’, the final track on the EP. Heavily inspired by Premiesku’s live show, ‘Trandafirit’ finishes of the EP with a real bang and this preview leaves you wanting more and more!

The two last track previews are Premiesku’s original track ‘Nocooc’ which is to be only released digitally and a rework from the highly talented Sons Of Tiki of the same track. Both tracks are no different to the others on the EP, full of fast rolling beats and perfectly controlled hi-hats and complete what is a really interesting EP!

Following their release on Vakant, Premiesku put together a mean & moody podcast named ‘Sounds From Our Car Stereo’. The podcast again shows that the relationship between the boys and Vakant is one that truly works! Enjoy!