Tim, an already highly revered artist in the global techno scene has collaborated on his new single with The Slow Revolt, a songwriter and producer with an ethereal sound and truly distinctive voice. These two artists really bring out the best in each other and have created what could be one of the singles of the summer for Cityfox Records.

The brilliant “Club Mix” is the lead track and is a real masterpiece. Stripped back to a nine-minuet deep rolling cut, sweeping you along as the vocals ring out on top.

Included on the EP is also a dub version that is moody, broody and with celestial keys and distant pads helps you settle into the groove. The Excellent original is fresh cut with bubbly drums keeping the low end busy and The Slow Revolts airy vocals bringing real emotion to the top end.

This collaborative release is another benchmark release from not only the agenda setting Cityfox, but also from two artists in very high esteem in their own fields.


Drawing on a lush, organic palette of sounds, thrumming with intimate inner vibrations Sebastian Mullaert delivers his “All The Keys Are Here” EP on R&S sub-label Apollo.

While well-known for his melodic techno as one-half of Minilogue, Sebastian’s compositions for the EP drawn from his studio sessions and live performances which take influence from his Zen spiritual practices. His strong desire to explore new sonic territories is rooted in his background as a classical violinist and pianist, which he had set aside to explore the deep and meditative potentials of dance-floor / techno music.

A recent highlight of this evolution was his live collaboration with the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich in Switzerland. As part of this boundary moving event a number of his tracks were orchestrated and reinterpreted for an orchestral group involving Sebastian’s live electronic instrumentation and two track’s from the EP were part of the repertoire.

The EP’s shimmering sonic panoramas perfectly summarise this exciting new chapter in Sebastian’s ongoing musical journey and partnership with Apollo.

Sebastian Mullaerts studio environment and creative work space has long been highly regarded and he has only provided a glimpse into the mystery of it… Recently FACT Magazine took the time to involve Sebastian in their “Against The Clock” and “In The Studio” series to truly get an understanding of this interesting studio in an idyllic setting.

Residing on the outskirts of a small village in the south of Sweden Sebastian came across a small building/outhouse in the woods. Together with a friend from the village he completely rebuilt the derelict space into his studio in the woods. Talking through the process and the lengths he went to, to create the right acoustic environment within expresses the allure and interest of the studio.

Discussing his set up with FACT you can see how the mix of vintage analogue gear coupled with cutting edge digital technology allows Sebastian to achieve his distinctive sound.

In a separate video, Sebastian tackled the famous Against The Clock challenge, having only 10 minutes to create a track and show off his work flow. Incorporating loopers, synths and even live instruments in the form of his beloved violin he engaged this challenge in the particular way that only Sebastian would.

Following on from their exceptional ‘Jojoman’ release in 2015 the Romanian trio Premiesku return to Ralph Lawsons highly respected 20/20 imprint. The focus over the years has always been on quality and that approach is one that has paid off with this EP being no exception.

In Sfera is a tight package of dance floor groovers that is sure to kick any dance floor into 5th gear. Every track on the EP has its own unique flavour and FUSE boss Enzo Siragusa concludes the collection with a remix of the title track.

It was clear that after Premiesku took number 21 in Resident Advisors Top 40 Live Acts that 2016 really increased their impact in the underground scene and now they have firmly established themselves as one of the world’s most sought after groups, with the latest EP once again seeing them utilise their expertly crafted and infectiously percussive productions.

A special white label vinyl release for Record Store Day 2017 found Timo Maas & James Teej and Sebastian Mullaert serve up fantastic new remixes of the classic Moby track “Porcelain”.

Long time techno titan Maas partnered up with Canadian James Teej add further weight to the Rockets and Ponies catalogue with the Broken China Dub of Porcelain. The vital new version is a trippy nine-minute symphony of synthetic sounds and smeared, heartbroken chords of the iconic original whilst one finger piano grooves bring emotion to the rubbery groove.

The comes Swedish artists Sebastian Mullaert. His masterful Transformation Mix is a fourteen-minute opus that takes the listening on a trip through organic sound design and summery grooves.

These two tracks are special indeed, causing a serious stir on Record Store Day and completely selling out!

July 2017 saw Fur Coat launch their new Oddity imprint aimed towards a darker, tripped-out techno sound. The Venezuelan DJs have already carved out an impressive career over the past six years and the realisation of their own label has given them the best opportunity to showcase their developing darker sound

“Starting our own label is something that we’ve had in mind for a long time. It ́s a platform for us to express ourselves and have 100% the control on the art concept we want to put on each vinyl, the music we want to show from ourselves, and the artists we share passion for, giving us the ability to invite them onto the label. 

The meaning of Oddity is having something rare, odd in a good way, something really special. This whole project has been cooking for almost a year, piecing things together. We can say we are giving all our efforts to put out there the music we like with a special touch on every physical copy, with an artwork made from some pretty cool Colombian artists and designers based in Barcelona (Lina Bassiouny and Maria Paula Quiva).” – Fur Coat 

The first release on the label was the Genesis EP by none other than the founders themselves. “Pulse Width” and “Parallel Dimensions” feature on the A-side, both of which have already gained support from the likes of Tale Of Us and Mind Against. On the reverse side “Sustain” promises heady grooves and is accompanied by legendary techno Scottish duo Slam.

Having already released a highly successful EP on Vakant in 2014 and more recently been a part of the labels latest anniversary compilation the Romanian trio return with a driving for track EP.
Featuring catchy melodies and driving, floor-focused percussion the EP consists of three original tracks as well as Varhat stepping up on remix duties.

Consisting of Livio & Roby and George G Premiesku are a Romanian joint alias, their widespread influence on the flourishing underground scene is no secret, their innovative live performances and constant flow of cutting edge productions keep them as one of their nation’s leading lights.

Livio & Roby have become a paramount duo in the Romanian underground scene for a number of years, showcasing their distinctive and minimal sound across the globe, releasing music on significant labels in the field, including Vakant, Desolat, Cécille, and Drumma with their latest EP released on Mulen Records. Their dynamic DJ sets, innovative live performances, and constant flow of cutting edge productions remain one of their nation’s leading lights in the field.

Their brand new Portabil EP released on the cutting-edge label Mulen comprises of three tracks that specialise in a deep and detailed sound and reverberating bass. It is destined for heavy rotation among the late-hour dance floors and is sure to keep the reputation of the Romanian techno scene in high esteem.

Buy Portabil EP: here

Following on from their Grammy-nominated rework of Paul McCartney’s ‘Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five’, Timo Maas and James Teej have been back in the studio writing their first original material in 18 months for the Cuba EP. The EP was released on Timo Maas’ very own label Rockets & Ponies on 20th March and also features 2 remixes from Soulphiction of track ‘Mary Wanna’.

The title track ‘Cuba’ is a unique blend of high-pitched, jazz-y piano chords and deep, dark beats. It displays experimentalism at its finest, bringing together two opposing sounds in one place but making it work. This track has the capacity to make any listener feel dazed and confused with its weirdly wonderful groovy swing and head-tapping beats. ‘Mary Wanna’ remains in the realms of experimental with whirring snares and live sounding synth. 

Next on the EP are 2 remixes of ‘Mary Wanna’ by Soulphiction, the German-born DJ and owner of Phil-Pot Records. The first remix Dskodub reworks the original into a more disco-filled groove, emphasising the voice-overs and enhancing the live synth sounds. The second remix by Soulphiction is the Bones Mix, a more stripped back version that consists of a steady dark bass and rhythm throughout that work their way up and down throughout the track like a techno jenga. 

On 31st March we saw Sebastian team up with the Tonhalle Philharmonic Orchestra concert for a collaborative performance in Zurich where Classical met Electronic. This was not just a performance, but an all-encompassing experience in every sense. The complex and well-thought out original piece was coupled with nature videos filmed by Tobias Larsson from a helicopter and edited by Projektil.

The performance was an attempt at bridging the gap between two genres that have a lot more in common than may meet the eye. Sebastian Mullaert was a perfect candidate for the concert with his background firmly rooted in Zen meditation, self-awareness and living in the present moment, and that is exactly what the audio-visual experience aims to do.

Alongside their collaboration with Sebastian Mullaert, the Tonhalle Philharmonic Orchestra have also invited the likes of dOP, Octave One, Luke Slater, Henrik Schwarz and Francesco Tristano as guest performers.