Livio & Roby have become a paramount duo in the Romanian underground scene for a number of years, showcasing their distinctive and minimal sound across the globe, releasing music on significant labels in the field, including Vakant, Desolat, Cécille, and Drumma with their latest EP released on Mulen Records. Their dynamic DJ sets, innovative live performances, and constant flow of cutting edge productions remain one of their nation’s leading lights in the field.

Their brand new Portabil EP released on the cutting-edge label Mulen comprises of three tracks that specialise in a deep and detailed sound and reverberating bass. It is destined for heavy rotation among the late-hour dance floors and is sure to keep the reputation of the Romanian techno scene in high esteem.

Buy Portabil EP: here

On 22 March Sebastian Mullaert released a remix of Anchorsong’s ‘Gyotens Kalimba’ track featured on his latest album ‘Ceremonial’. The remix consists of Sebastian Mullaert, followed by a second remix from his mysterious pseudonym Wa Wu We. 

The original track combines African influences with tribal beats and synths, and these elements remain in Sebastian’s rework titled ‘Sebastian Mullaert Intensification’, pasting the foundations of the track’s pan-African style over a backdrop of bass and grooves. ‘The Wa Wu We Simplification’ remix takes the track into a deeper, darker realm of experimental and abstract sounds. This version of ‘Gyotens Kalimba’ is minimal and primal, stripping the track right back to its bare bones, taking the listener into a truly immersive experience with no barriers.

Sebastian Mullaert has recently claimed the number 12 spot in the Resident Advisor Top Live Acts poll showing his growing success as an artist. He also has some very exciting projects undergo, pushing his name even further up the ranks.




Following on from their Grammy-nominated rework of Paul McCartney’s ‘Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five’, Timo Maas and James Teej have been back in the studio writing their first original material in 18 months for the Cuba EP. The EP was released on Timo Maas’ very own label Rockets & Ponies on 20th March and also features 2 remixes from Soulphiction of track ‘Mary Wanna’.

The title track ‘Cuba’ is a unique blend of high-pitched, jazz-y piano chords and deep, dark beats. It displays experimentalism at its finest, bringing together two opposing sounds in one place but making it work. This track has the capacity to make any listener feel dazed and confused with its weirdly wonderful groovy swing and head-tapping beats. ‘Mary Wanna’ remains in the realms of experimental with whirring snares and live sounding synth. 

Next on the EP are 2 remixes of ‘Mary Wanna’ by Soulphiction, the German-born DJ and owner of Phil-Pot Records. The first remix Dskodub reworks the original into a more disco-filled groove, emphasising the voice-overs and enhancing the live synth sounds. The second remix by Soulphiction is the Bones Mix, a more stripped back version that consists of a steady dark bass and rhythm throughout that work their way up and down throughout the track like a techno jenga. 

On 31st March we saw Sebastian team up with the Tonhalle Philharmonic Orchestra concert for a collaborative performance in Zurich where Classical met Electronic. This was not just a performance, but an all-encompassing experience in every sense. The complex and well-thought out original piece was coupled with nature videos filmed by Tobias Larsson from a helicopter and edited by Projektil.

The performance was an attempt at bridging the gap between two genres that have a lot more in common than may meet the eye. Sebastian Mullaert was a perfect candidate for the concert with his background firmly rooted in Zen meditation, self-awareness and living in the present moment, and that is exactly what the audio-visual experience aims to do.

Alongside their collaboration with Sebastian Mullaert, the Tonhalle Philharmonic Orchestra have also invited the likes of dOP, Octave One, Luke Slater, Henrik Schwarz and Francesco Tristano as guest performers.


Fur Coat dropped their remix of Norwegian electro duo Royksopp’s ‘Never Ever’ on 10 March. A string of remixes were compiled for the ‘Never Ever Remixes’ EP with each artist putting their own individual twist on the electro-pop original. Fur Coat threw a darker and grittier sound into the mix, with deep, reverberating basslines and ghostly echoes of Susanne’s original vocals. Other artists featured on the EP include George Orb, Hotel Garuda, Sultan Shakes Recreation and Yotto.

The barcelona-based producers, Sergio and Israel, have been taking the world by storm since their inception in 2004 and we at Forward Thinking Music are extremely proud and excited for their continued success that shows no signs of slowing down. Fur Coat are indelible in the edgier techno sound, with their latest LP composed of dark minimal sounds. The duo have been touring the globe with stellar sets at some of the world’ biggest clubs and festivals, most recently gracing the decks at Get Lost In Miami.

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Forward Thinking Music congratulates Timo Maas & James Teej for their nomination at The Grammy Awards with their remix of “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five” by Paul McCartney & Wings.

Timo, James and the FTM team have invested time and energy on this special record and we are proud of the recognition for this hard work. We’ll travel to Los Angeles in February for the 58th Ceremony.

Last year the music industry went into a spin when a mysterious limited 12” test pressings, with Paul McCartney’s face hand-stamped onto it, dropped in Phonica Records. The 12″ sold out in hours in Phonica and, going straight to number one overnight on both stores and selling on Ebays for 400$.

Later, Billboard Magazine revealed the record is a collaboration between Timo Maas, James Teej & Paul McCartney revisiting Macca’s classic track from his album with Wings “Band On The Run”.

Watch the music video of Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five:

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At Forward Thinking Music we are extremely proud of our artists. We believe in them, in their own ambitions and in their arts first and foremost, this is what makes our relationship with them so unique. Although we don’t seek awards and recognitions, it is always a special occasion when the public puts them forward.

We are very proud to announce that 3 of our artists are in Resident Advisor’s Poll 2016: Enzo Siragusa is #36 in the “Top 100 DJs“ progressing from his previous #62 position. In the “Top 40 Live Acts“, Premiesku climbed up the Poll to reach #21 while Sebastian Mullaert entered the Poll directly at #12.

2016 has been a standout year for these artists with a string of amazing releases including Enzo’s Hardsteppers EP shortlisted in the “10 Tracks That Saved 2016” by Mixmag. Premiesku released their much-anticipated Altitude EP on Desolat and In My Chek EP on (Djebali), while Sebastian Mullaert had one of his most impressive years to date with standout releases on Mule Musiq, Drumcode, Kontra-Musik and Hypercolour both on his own and with Mathew Jonson.

However, it is their impressive club performances that have earned them an impressive touring schedule, playing in some of the world’s best stages including Amnesia (Ibiza), Fabric (London), Berghain (Berlin), Awakenings (Amsterdam), Concrete (Paris), The Block (Tel Aviv), Output, Black Market and Spy Bar in North America as well as a the headline slot for the Boiler Room in their home-country for Premiesku.


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In the history of House Music, some collaborations have left a mark that reached beyond our scene. The list of classics co-produced by Timo Maas and his partner in crime Martin Buttrich is as long as its impressive: Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Night (Timo Maas Remix), Timo Maas – Help Me (feat. Kelis) or their remix of Tori Amos – Don’t Make Me Come To Vegas (Timo Maas Remix) which earned them a Grammy nomination, testifying of their unmatched wizardry and synergy in the studio.

Talented producers, skillful selectors, brilliant remixers and visionary label owners, it seems Martin’s and Timo’s s talents work hand in hand. In the spirit of creative teamwork, Martin launched a series of collaborative EPs on his new label Rhythm Assault. Launched with a release featuring the one and only Mathew Johnson, the EP series has already reached its fifth outing, gaining more popularity in the meantime. For this new release, Martin meets his long-time friend Timo for Nach Acht, an explosive and hypnotic 10 minutes track taking the listeners on a journey through mesmerizing pads and hypnotic basslines.

Watch Timo Maas B2B Martin Buttrich B2B Davide Squillace in the Mixmag Lab London: here

Listen to Nach Acht:


When Mixmag proclaimed 2016 to be the year of Enzo Siragusa earlier this year, they were not far off. After having debuted in RA’s top 100 DJ’s in late 2015, followed by a summer of extraordinary HYTE residency shows in Ibiza and a successful FUSE 8th anniversary tour dispersed across key cities in Europe, Enzo received the ultimate seal of approval: to take part in Pete Tong’s famous BBC Radio 1 trademark, the Essential Mix. What followed was two hours of non-stop, floor-shaking house and techno, brought to you and inspired by the gritty alleyways of London’s east end. Proving that hard work does pay off – whether that’s putting on a club night, running a label or meticulously pushing a sound without faltering – the epitome of hard graft can be seen in the work of Enzo Siragusa and the dizzy heights that he’s taken himself, and Fuse, to.

Staying true to the idea that every session should be one to remember, this mix is definitely not one to miss.

Listen back to Enzo’s Essential Mix:


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Sebastian Mullaert and Mathew Jonson are putting out a collaborative 12-inch, Pollen 4 Life, through Hypercolour by the end of November 2016.

The two producers have been connected through music since they first met at Japan’s Labyrinth festival in 2005. Jonson’s Wagon Repair label issued two EPs from Minilogue, the former longtime partnership between Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson, and occasionally all three artists would join together for gigs as a live unit.

Pollen 4 Life was conceived two years ago when Jonson was invited to stay at Mullaert’s home at the edge of a national park in Röstånga, Sweden. They worked on music for five days. The setting gave the duo “freedom to jam, play around and most importantly, reconnect with nature and the natural flow of ideas while deep in the forest.”

What is more, the UK label Hypercolour turned 10 this year, and to celebrate, it released a triple-vinyl anniversary compilation, featuring a cut from Mullaert and artists like Luke Vibert, Roman Flügel and Matthew Herbert. The compilation arrived on November 11th.

You can buy the Pollen 4 Life EP on Juno.

Listen to Sebastian’s contribution to the 10 year compilation: