Amirali returns with the striking ‘Odyssey’ EP release on his own Dark Matters Label. He employs his vital understanding of space and texture to construct a highly emotive release featuring a remix from Fort Romeau.

Leading on from his critically acclaimed discography and curatorial work with the inimitable Dark Matters imprint, Amirali enters 2018 with grand plans for the future. He is currently conceptualising a live stage show whilst continuing to provide a platform for all manner of weird and wonderful music.

Amiralii’s ‘Odyssey’ is a testament to his sonic identity, merging memorable harmonies with heartfelt vocals and complex soundscapes. ‘Hidden Past’ targets the dance floor, boasting vast sonic explorations and levitating pads amongst detailed drum patterns. For the ‘Hidden Past’ remix, Fort Romeau mutates the delicacy of the original into a spaced out dose of peak time house, gradually building rich harmonies around a fierce rhythmic motif.

On the creation of the Odyssey EP, Amirali states:

“Nothing is more important than my craft which is the main reason I’m here. There’s no better satisfaction than to create an amazing piece of music, that’s my happiest point in life. I don’t want my work to just be good or ok and that takes a lot of effort and sacrifice in life. I got to a point where I said to myself I have to go and disappear for a while, go be normal and do normal things. Instead of being on the road all the time, stay home, create an environment I like to write music. There have been many experimentations involved in my upcoming material. I wanted to try and push myself to the limit and I believe I’ve succeeded. For me, it’s all about evolving and exploring areas I haven’t touched. That’s why sometimes it takes a bit longer than expected, I don’t just want to meet people’s expectations, sometimes I want to blow them away. There is so much music coming out week in and week out, the music is evidently becoming more disposable and I would like to stay out of that chaos. When you stay true to your heart and try to do something different you put yourself in an uncomfortable situation, that’s when you grow as an artist and also as a person, but the satisfaction you get when you finish a work cannot be put into words.”

Listen here:



Tim Green returns to Cocoon with his atmospheric and emotive LP titled ‘Her Future Ghost’. Surprisingly, after more than a decade’s successful career, this is his first album.

Dual single ‘Echo / They Want Us To Fall Down’ dropped on 27th April and was the gripping first taste of the eleven-track LP. ‘Her Future Ghost’ plays as a cinematic & emotive production led by deep chords and rattling percussive sweeps adorned with loop pedals and menacing synths. Making full use of the LP format’s potential, Tim composed ‘Her Future Ghost’ like an electronic soundtrack to a romantic film:

‘My concept and direction for ‘Her Future Ghost’ was to write a film score for a film that doesn’t actually exist,’ says Tim. ‘As an avid film score fan, I wanted to create a body of work that took certain typical soundtrack traits. 

The album concept was further influenced by the work of Ahmed Emad Eldin, an Egyptian digital artist best known for his design on Pink Floyd’s 2014 album ‘The Endless River’. Tim reached out personally to the artist, and the two collaborated on the cover art for ‘Her Future Ghost’ – making this an even more cohesively creative, fully crafted release. Whilst Tim Green’s prowess at electrifying dancefloors was never in question, the release of ‘Her Future Ghost’ shows the talented producer spreading his wings and pushing himself to fulfill his creative potential – this is just the beginning of a new and exciting chapter of Green’s career.

You can listen to the album here:

You can catch Tim performing in June at the following album tour dates:













Radio 1’s Pete Tong has selected ‘We Were Riding High’ from the masterful trio of Timo Mass, Basti Grub and Eric Volta as his Essential New Tune just ahead of its release 18th May on the Berlin based label, Mobilee Records.

The initial release delivers two variations of the title track. Opening with the original mixdown, We Were Riding High is a sublime summer anthem. Over two years in the making, it’s a lucid after-hours track with an uplifting and catchy vocal hook that unfolds and develops fluidly. The alternative edit utilises darker synths and drums, whilst still retaining the positivity that make this track perfect for the coming summer months. The record is the result of Eric Volta making the demo at an after-party at his studio. He then showed this to Timo Mass who in turn showed it to Basti Grub who loved the track so much, they were inspired to develop it.

“What started as a night out in Berlin visiting Club Der Visionaire, Chalet and ending in Watergate continued into my studio on Reichenbergerstrasse at about 9am. One of those fun afters which result in me grabbing whoever is near me, a little drunk and a little high and just wanting to play instruments, synths – and JAM. As the lyric goes – We were riding high, writing through the night” Eric Volta

“A few days later I heard that demo and immediately ask Eric to finish it as it’s so unique and, as it sometimes goes, he didn’t finish it. I asked him many times, roughly over a period of 2 and a half years until i sat with Basti in the studio, played it to him and we immediately made a new version, Eric loved it. And here’s the result! We are all super proud of this.” Timo Mass

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We are proud to announce that Invisible Minds has been signed to the legendary Moshi Moshi Records.

The London based songwriter, musician and producer, whose identity is yet to be revealed, has been making major waves in recent months. His late 2017 release ‘Yo Mae Leh’ and his early 2018 release ’The Cut Girl’ have both received radio recognition from BBC Radio 6, both getting playlisted across their daytime shows.

Moshi Moshi Records has released many talented artists over the years, including the likes of; Hot Chip, Florence + Machine, Friendly Fires, Hercules & Love Affair, Au Revoir Simone and now they have Invisible Minds to add to the list!


Neue Grafik, a long-term friend of Rhythm Section, has returned to the label and this time is providing his most fully realised offering.

The record begins with the lysergic ebbs and flows of “Innvervision” where our own Wayne Snow has graced the track with sublime and sultry vocals, marking it as a great collaboration. The tracks take cues from the broken beat sound of London while paying homage to the Parisian house dance scene.

Largely sample based, but also employing much more live instrumentation than ever before, Neue Grafik’s music is informed by movement and in turn offers so much for Dancers to respond to.

Fur Coat are certainly no strangers to Watergate Records having released their ‘Intersteller’ EP with them back in 2016. They return to Watergate to release their latest 2 track EP ‘Immersion’. 

“Immersion” kicks off with an agile kick drum setting the stage for rapid fire percussion and an overwhelmingly satisfying ascending organ line that could be the trademark of any sci-fi film score. Add a few shudders of glimmering atmospherics and it’s a trek into the cosmic realm of Techno where space and time cease to exist.

Flipping sides the duo dive deeper into the infinite expanse with “Inner Circle” where lush textures canvas a mesmerizing groove and hypnotic spirals of gratifying repetitive sonics resulting in a fiercely energetic yet undeniably euphoric expedition under the club lights. Embracing the tools and mechanics that have made their sound unique and successful for so long,

Fur Coat seems to have delivered their most mature and polished EP to date with their ‘Immersion’ EP where stunning spacial details and a precise attention to detail have embodied the age old saying, “less is more”. Immerse yourself.

The EP has already gained popularity on the DJ circuit and is supported by the likes of Tale of Us, Dubfire, Pan-Pot, Slam, Scuba, Rampa, Mind Against, Joseph Capriati and many more.

Kicking off 2018 in a big way, we are thrilled to announce Throwing Snow will be joining the roster.
Throwing Snow (Ross Tones) has been on our radar for quite a while now through his acclaimed EPs, singles, his debut album ‘Mosiac’ in 2014 and ‘Axoim’ in 2016, which were released on Houndstooth.
Along with a brilliant back catalogue of music Tones’ also performs a captivating live set, which has featured on Boiler Room, Red Bull Music Academy and he has supported the likes of Bonobo, Atoms For Peace and Jon Hopkins.
His well rounded musical career has deepened with his involvement with record labels, he co-owns ‘Left Blank’ and ‘A Future Without’, along with running his own imprint ‘Snowfall’.
Tones’ 2018 is looking like business as usual with his conceptually imaginative next release on Houndstooth, ‘Embers.’ This piece of music showcases the artist’s real intelligence and exploration with its lack of creative restrictions. We cannot wait to unveil what else he has in store!

The first release from anonymous artist Invisible Minds has gone down a storm. From self releasing back in October, the brilliant song ‘Yo Mae Leh’ has been getting people talking!

The infectious sampling and uplifting chords caught the eye of Clash magazine, who featured the song on their ‘Track Of The Day’ BBC Radio 6 Music have championed the track, adding it to their B list after major support from Steve Lamaq, Lauren Laverne and Tom Ravencroft. To date it’s had over 40 plays and counting.

The track has racked up an impressive 1/4 million streams since the release and shows no sign of slowing. More recently the song climbed to number 1 in the ITunes Electronic Music chart. An amazing feat for a brand new artist.

The next steps for Invisible Minds are much anticipated. More news revealed soon.

The Truancy Blog recently invited Secretsundaze over for an interview and to be a part of their Truancy Volume’s, coming in at 197 in the series. This latest edition sees Giles and James join recent contributors such as Call Super, Peggy Gou, Mr G and Courtesy.

In the interview they discuss their year as a whole and how they feel they have progressed as artists. From starting to play B2B more, to cutting back on their workload to focusing on producing.

Their Volume is a strong representation of their style of DJing, with their usual emphasis on maintaining a solid groove being a focal point. Starting with the sweet sounds of the Detroit Escalator Company and moving to tracks throughout from Cassy, Glenn Underground, Wajeed and more, it’s a sultry blend of vintage house rolling in at an hour and a half.

You can read the full interview here: 

Mule Music is a label with which Sebastian has had a long-term relationship, having presented numerous earlier works on the Tokyo based imprint and joined names such as DJ Sprinkles, Fred P, Henrik Schwarz and Petre Inspirescu on the low key, but highly respected label.

The three track “Broken Mirror” EP kicks off with “Mirror” on the A-side with deeply meditative tones and a twisted melody. On the reverse is two versions of “Broken Mirror”, the original delivers un-hasty grooving minimal techno and secondly the Wa Wu We Reflection which is even slower and more mesmerising. 

Sebastian Explains “‘Mirrors’ was made the week before my gig at Berghain in May this year, and my spirit was tuned in with my upcoming gig at the techno Mecca”

Sebastian has been delivering this release as well as his newer and older material within his newly developed live set. This advanced and refined approach to his live set up has caught some serious attention, and allowed Sebastian to deliver his sound in just the right way. 

Below we have footage captured from the recent Waking Life festival in Portugal where within his set Sebastian played a live version of “Mirrors” and a recent video where The Vinyl Factory came to Sebastian’s studio in the woods to capture a live jam on his all-new live set.