The Truancy Blog recently invited Secretsundaze over for an interview and to be a part of their Truancy Volume’s, coming in at 197 in the series. This latest edition sees Giles and James join recent contributors such as Call Super, Peggy Gou, Mr G and Courtesy.

In the interview they discuss their year as a whole and how they feel they have progressed as artists. From starting to play B2B more, to cutting back on their workload to focusing on producing.

Their Volume is a strong representation of their style of DJing, with their usual emphasis on maintaining a solid groove being a focal point. Starting with the sweet sounds of the Detroit Escalator Company and moving to tracks throughout from Cassy, Glenn Underground, Wajeed and more, it’s a sultry blend of vintage house rolling in at an hour and a half.

You can read the full interview here: 

Mule Music is a label with which Sebastian has had a long-term relationship, having presented numerous earlier works on the Tokyo based imprint and joined names such as DJ Sprinkles, Fred P, Henrik Schwarz and Petre Inspirescu on the low key, but highly respected label.

The three track “Broken Mirror” EP kicks off with “Mirror” on the A-side with deeply meditative tones and a twisted melody. On the reverse is two versions of “Broken Mirror”, the original delivers un-hasty grooving minimal techno and secondly the Wa Wu We Reflection which is even slower and more mesmerising. 

Sebastian Explains “‘Mirrors’ was made the week before my gig at Berghain in May this year, and my spirit was tuned in with my upcoming gig at the techno Mecca”

Sebastian has been delivering this release as well as his newer and older material within his newly developed live set. This advanced and refined approach to his live set up has caught some serious attention, and allowed Sebastian to deliver his sound in just the right way. 

Below we have footage captured from the recent Waking Life festival in Portugal where within his set Sebastian played a live version of “Mirrors” and a recent video where The Vinyl Factory came to Sebastian’s studio in the woods to capture a live jam on his all-new live set.



6 years after their first release on the label All In Records have called on the Romanian trio for their latest release “Last Man On Moon”. In those 6 years Premiesku have solidified themselves as staples in the scene backed up by releases on Desolat, Vakant, Cecille and 20:20 Vision. As well as these releases they have developed and honed their live analogue performance… a complete show using no computers. 

“Last Man On Moon” offers up three hypnotic dancefloor hitters. The opener “Avant” is a solid, no-nonsense, bullet of subby kicks and rigid percussion whilst on the reverse “Even” switches to a much more minimalistic vibe and sound. This leaves “Last Man On Moon” to deliver a serious dose of dubby bass – a true B-side gem! This is the reason it has been selling out! 


The P3 Musikguiden on Sveriges Radio is the premier new music radio show in Sweden, Sebastian’s homeland! Generally aimed at the youth of Sweden, they cover music, humour and all things new and Sebastian was asked down to do an hour-long show where he discussed his most recent releases and creative process, along with playing some music.

Sebastian was thrilled to go down to the radio as it is a big supporter of new music and brings forth new Swedish artists. Along with checking out his new releases, he discussed with the hosts his unique approach to music and invited them down to see his renowned studio in the woods! 

Sailor & I is a Swedish singer and producer, his first release ‘Tough Love’ was on Black Butter in 2012, since then has released a number of hit records, his latest venture is his debut album named ‘The Invention Of Loneliness’ which will be released on the imprint Skint. The Fur Coat remix of Black Stars, is an atmospheric track with hypnotic vocals swaying throughout. The duos take on it is a focused and cunning techno track that with a spacious low-end, icy vocal chops and a foreboding basement vibe that is bound to make any room feel a little bit darker.


2017 has been a very forward and positive year for Mullaert, he has released had 3 EPs ‘All The Keys Are Here’ on the coverted R&S sublabel Apollo, ‘Samunnati’ EP of weird and wonderful reworks on Default Position and most recently ‘Broken Mirror’ on the Japanese base label Mule Musiq.

Seb has been constantly crafting his live game over the year and is rounding 2017 off with a worldwide tour. Starting in Columbia, Seb is playing some of the countries finest festivals. After that he spends a short spell in Europe, with ADE in Amsterdam before heading to India back to back shows in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The tour then takes him to the other side of the planet to North America, playing two exclusive shows in Montreal and New York. The tour then wraps up in Australia, where Summer is in full swing, he will be playing the brilliant Sydney festival Strawberry Fields, Melbourne’s Sub Club and Perth alongside Peggy Gou and MJ Cole!

The new Elrow resident of 2017 Bastian Bux aims to reduce everything surrounding a DJ and producer to its essential element: the music. His production is full of deep textures, powerful harmonies, heavy beats and fat basslines. Fur Coat produced a masterpiece raw techno remix of Lights, powerful but with all the elements under control. The levels and layers work hand in hand with the lovely vocal of Kyla Millette giving the song a very modern and elegant vibe.


October has brought forward a fresh new outlook for Sebastian as he has joined teams with Amsterdam based booking agency Octopus. Octopus are a highly respected agency and for the right reasons.. they are a team of dedicated and experienced agents who really work towards securing the best opportunities for their artists.

Sebastian is now onboard a show-stopping roster, alongside the likes of Hunee, Sochi Terada, Ron Morelli and San Proper!

‘Boarding’ is a wobbly bassed techno journey, a little different to recent Lost & Found releases. Timo Maas steps up for remix duties, adding some trippy elements and some hypnotic percussion, with the bassline remaining restrained, before it ebbs and flows, as the track meanders along its mind-melting adventure. Things intensify as this club melting rework really comes into its own.


The rising danish duo M€RCY release a 3 track EP on the long-standing Souvenir imprint, broadcasting their gloomy, melancholic vibe, which is becoming their trademark. On the flip of this EP, Fur Coat’s remix of Tunnel beefs up the beats but keeps the murky vibe. Shuffling hi-hats and an onslaught of cleverly placed effects capture the original analogue melodies. The steady flow allows only a few well-timed breaks to allow the dancefloors a chance to breathe. Truly heavy underground remix vibes from this prolific duo.