Resident Advisor has provided an exclusive insight into the world of Circle Of Live with a mini documentary and hour long video recording taken from their inaugural six hour set. Both videos document their first foray into the unknown; showing Sebastian Mullaert, Mathew Jonson, Steevio, Suzybee, Dorisburg & Johanna Knutsson performing at Freerotation 2018 in Wales. As well as this, December will see the arrival of COL002; a five track 2×12” featuring selected cuts from that show, offering a snapshot into the charm, energy and imperfection of that first truly improvised live performance – a refreshing notion in today’s overproduced musical climate.



As the summer slowly rolls to an end, Invisible Minds reaches out towards the inevitable call of autumn with the brooding ‘Take Them All (ft The Slow Revolt)’ premiered by Dummy Magazine here

The video, directed by Sam Bell, centres around the hypnotic performance of Invisible Mind’s long-time friend and professional dancer Nikita Goile as she moves delicately through a cavernous warehouse space at night.

‘Take Them All’ is the fourth single to be revealed from ‘Make Up Your Own Stories’, the debut album out 5th October via Moshi Moshi Records.


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Invisible Minds headlines Hoxton Hall on 13th November
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The latest Fact Magazine ‘Against The Clock’ feature sees Amirali engage in 10 minutes of sombre sonic exploration from the comfort of his North London studio. He circulates his room improvising on his prophet synthesizer and drum machine, providing the viewer with a crash course in free-flowing creativity. As the timer counts down from five minutes he starts recording his own voice, drenched in reverb and dub echo, injecting us with the signature style of melancholy that he is able to conjure up so easily.

Sebastian Mullaert has launched a brand new, live acts only, event series concept and record label entitled Circle Of Livebringing together elite artists for free-flowing collaborative jam sessions in clubs around the world. Launched at Free Rotation Festival in Wales earlier this year, Circle of Live is touring through some of the most highly regarded venues in the underground dance music scene and has a myriad of club heavyweights involved, including Âme, Aurora Halal, Dorisburg, Eitan Reiter, Johanna Knutsson, Leafar Legov, Ljudbilden & Piloten, Mathew Jonson, Neel, Steevio & Suszybee, The Mole and Tobias. The record label begins with Loop For Today a collaborative EP from Eitan Reiter and Sebastian Mullaert to mark the inception of the project. Below you can watch Mullaert performing the track live next to the Dead Sea.




When debut single ‘Yo Mae Leh’ rocketed to half a million streams in late 2017 and gained support from BBC 6 Music no one knew the enigma behind Invisible Minds was esteemed DJ, Tim Green. Now, with the announcement of the stunning ‘905 Users!’ video, premiered by Notion last week, the mysterious mastermind has revealed a debut album set to grace us on 5th October via Moshi Moshi Records.

Notion Article – 905 Users video premiere:

Make Up Your Own Stories, feels a felicitous title. Less a departure and more a new chapter in Tim Green’s adventure; the 11-track debut is a melding pot of musical inspiration that has been ruminating for over a decade, and crafted between studios, tours and rare quiet-moments. Revealing a more melodic side to Green’s musical personality, the vivacious debut is “honest and innocent and kinda searching for a feeling” as Green himself puts it. Inspired by everyone from Peter Gabriel to Icelandic icon Bjork, the album boasts an impressive array of musical exploration, with ghostly vocals, guitars soaked in nostalgia, “a chinese toy piano, an mbira from Tanzania and a kora from Africa”.

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Invisible Minds headlines Hoxton Hall on 13th November
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Secretsundaze are proud to announce a summer residency at Pikes nightclub in Ibiza which will see them take control of the legendary venue for 3 monthly stops of all night long sessions.


In addition to touring the festival circuit this summer with appearances at Gottwood, Love International, Lovebox, Kala & Off-Sonar, the three monthly residency will take place on the dates of 27th July, 31st August and 27th September.


Pikes is an iconic Ibiza institution is steeped in musical history and of course most notable for being a hotel where icons Grace Jones, Freddie Mercury and George Michael stayed and partied while on the island in the 80’s. Pikes now has a reputation for hosting outstanding residencies. The duo will join other artists who have held past and upcoming residencies in 2017/2018 including DJ Harvey, Honey Dijon, Leon Vynehall, with memorable one off shows also played by the likes of The Black Madonna, Jamie XX and Midland.


The three-stop residency takes place following the release of the duo’s ‘Still Hope’ EP on Phonica Records, which has been getting wide support across the DJ community, with a forthcoming release planned for late September. The party will kick off each date by the pool with selected guests playing soul, funk, boogie and laid back vibes by the pool before kicking off inside the club Freddie’s where Secretsundaze will play all the way through till close.


The duo will also be playing tour dates including Razzmatazz, Bordeaux Open Air Festival, Oven Club, Panorama Bar and their Day and Night Birthday at Oval Space with headliner Floating Points this summer, as well as their monthly all night long residency at the Pickle Factory.


Amirali returns with the striking ‘Odyssey’ EP release on his own Dark Matters Label. He employs his vital understanding of space and texture to construct a highly emotive release featuring a remix from Fort Romeau.

Leading on from his critically acclaimed discography and curatorial work with the inimitable Dark Matters imprint, Amirali enters 2018 with grand plans for the future. He is currently conceptualising a live stage show whilst continuing to provide a platform for all manner of weird and wonderful music.

Amiralii’s ‘Odyssey’ is a testament to his sonic identity, merging memorable harmonies with heartfelt vocals and complex soundscapes. ‘Hidden Past’ targets the dance floor, boasting vast sonic explorations and levitating pads amongst detailed drum patterns. For the ‘Hidden Past’ remix, Fort Romeau mutates the delicacy of the original into a spaced out dose of peak time house, gradually building rich harmonies around a fierce rhythmic motif.

On the creation of the Odyssey EP, Amirali states:

“Nothing is more important than my craft which is the main reason I’m here. There’s no better satisfaction than to create an amazing piece of music, that’s my happiest point in life. I don’t want my work to just be good or ok and that takes a lot of effort and sacrifice in life. I got to a point where I said to myself I have to go and disappear for a while, go be normal and do normal things. Instead of being on the road all the time, stay home, create an environment I like to write music. There have been many experimentations involved in my upcoming material. I wanted to try and push myself to the limit and I believe I’ve succeeded. For me, it’s all about evolving and exploring areas I haven’t touched. That’s why sometimes it takes a bit longer than expected, I don’t just want to meet people’s expectations, sometimes I want to blow them away. There is so much music coming out week in and week out, the music is evidently becoming more disposable and I would like to stay out of that chaos. When you stay true to your heart and try to do something different you put yourself in an uncomfortable situation, that’s when you grow as an artist and also as a person, but the satisfaction you get when you finish a work cannot be put into words.”

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Tim Green returns to Cocoon with his atmospheric and emotive LP titled ‘Her Future Ghost’. Surprisingly, after more than a decade’s successful career, this is his first album.

Dual single ‘Echo / They Want Us To Fall Down’ dropped on 27th April and was the gripping first taste of the eleven-track LP. ‘Her Future Ghost’ plays as a cinematic & emotive production led by deep chords and rattling percussive sweeps adorned with loop pedals and menacing synths. Making full use of the LP format’s potential, Tim composed ‘Her Future Ghost’ like an electronic soundtrack to a romantic film:

‘My concept and direction for ‘Her Future Ghost’ was to write a film score for a film that doesn’t actually exist,’ says Tim. ‘As an avid film score fan, I wanted to create a body of work that took certain typical soundtrack traits. 

The album concept was further influenced by the work of Ahmed Emad Eldin, an Egyptian digital artist best known for his design on Pink Floyd’s 2014 album ‘The Endless River’. Tim reached out personally to the artist, and the two collaborated on the cover art for ‘Her Future Ghost’ – making this an even more cohesively creative, fully crafted release. Whilst Tim Green’s prowess at electrifying dancefloors was never in question, the release of ‘Her Future Ghost’ shows the talented producer spreading his wings and pushing himself to fulfill his creative potential – this is just the beginning of a new and exciting chapter of Green’s career.

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‘Still Hope’ is the second Secretsundaze single and the follow up to ‘Motorway Jam’ (their double A side with Palms Trax from late last year). The track sees them collaborate with Anthony Anaxagorou, a British born Cypriot, award winning poet and essayist, whose poetry and fiction have appeared on BBC Newsnight, BBC4, ITV and Vice. Hearing his lyrics via their good friend Simbad, Secretsundaze connected with Anthony and ‘Still Hope’ is the fruit of their labour. 

The Still Hope Original Mix is a potent and political spoken-word piece delivered over a rolling house groove. Definitely one for the deeper moments with its late night heady feel and full vocal not letting up. The ‘Poems in the Heart’ floor version strips the vocal back and adds dramatic strings for a more direct dance floor approach.

Ex Slum Village Detroit producer Waajeed, real name Robert O’Brayent adds two remixes to the EP, ‘Detroit Hardcore Dub’, which is exactly what it says on the tin, and his ‘‘Searching Dub’, which is a jazzier, more spacey route with live sounding drums and smooth pads.

“We’re very happy to be releasing our debut EP on Phonica Records, a store and label close to our hearts, having shopped there since day one and James also working behind the counter in the earlier days. We’ll let Anthony’s words do the talking but suffice to say, it’s been a great experience and opportunity working with him and we’re happy to be able to use our music as a platform to spread some positivity with the world, especially in it’s current sorry state of a airs. There’s Still Hope!” Secretsundaze 




Radio 1’s Pete Tong has selected ‘We Were Riding High’ from the masterful trio of Timo Mass, Basti Grub and Eric Volta as his Essential New Tune just ahead of its release 18th May on the Berlin based label, Mobilee Records.

The initial release delivers two variations of the title track. Opening with the original mixdown, We Were Riding High is a sublime summer anthem. Over two years in the making, it’s a lucid after-hours track with an uplifting and catchy vocal hook that unfolds and develops fluidly. The alternative edit utilises darker synths and drums, whilst still retaining the positivity that make this track perfect for the coming summer months. The record is the result of Eric Volta making the demo at an after-party at his studio. He then showed this to Timo Mass who in turn showed it to Basti Grub who loved the track so much, they were inspired to develop it.

“What started as a night out in Berlin visiting Club Der Visionaire, Chalet and ending in Watergate continued into my studio on Reichenbergerstrasse at about 9am. One of those fun afters which result in me grabbing whoever is near me, a little drunk and a little high and just wanting to play instruments, synths – and JAM. As the lyric goes – We were riding high, writing through the night” Eric Volta

“A few days later I heard that demo and immediately ask Eric to finish it as it’s so unique and, as it sometimes goes, he didn’t finish it. I asked him many times, roughly over a period of 2 and a half years until i sat with Basti in the studio, played it to him and we immediately made a new version, Eric loved it. And here’s the result! We are all super proud of this.” Timo Mass

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