Richard Hawtin’s ENTER rapidly became one of the most successful and spoke about endeavours on the Island. In its third season and taking over Space, Ibiza every Thursday, Hawtin innovatively combines quality techno, technology and experience resulting in a party like no other, sure to blow your mind. With a string of world class residents and guests on the bill, including the techno legend Marc Houle, ENTER is smashing the 2014 season and the end isn’t even in sight. Over the past decade Houle has constantly evolved with every release on both Hawtin’s Minus imprint as well as his own Items & Things label, alongside Magda and Troy Pierce. Most recently showcasing his cutting edge techno vibes on the successful ‘Cola Party’ album. Hawtin & Houle’s long standing relationship made it only inevitable for the pair to team up at Space. Perhaps more notably, Houle is renowned for his world class live performances, last year appearing on RA’s top 20 live acts of 2013. You won’t catch him playing a DJ set anytime soon, armed with an obscenely large back catalog of both released and unreleased tunes, Houle always has just the right track to drop on the most lively of crowds and his live set at Space is no exception. Check out his set here for your listening pleasure: