LR XLR8R podcast

In their recent article on the thriving Romanian scene, XLR8R highlighted Robert Precup and Silviu Sandu (a.k.a. Livio & Roby) as two artists to have tread their own unique path out of Bucharest, towards global success. For over a decade now, they have been the production team behind a wealth of sophisticated house-esque releases (as well as working alongside George G under the Premiesku alias), crafting a sound distinct from the more lo-fi, minimal constructions typically associated with the region. Naturally, it didn’t take long before they were picked up by some of the genre’s heavyweights, such as Loco Dice for Desolat, as well as releasing on the likes of Cécile, Vakant and Drumma.

It isn’t just for their productions that the pair is renowned, though—both at home in Romania or on the global stage, they have taken their live shows and DJ sets to clubs both big and small for as long as they have been releasing their own tracks. This podcast is an example of their DJing prowess, as Livio & Roby take to the decks for an exposition of the kind of four-to-the-four beats they are now famed for. Expect plenty of chunky kicks and hi-hats to match, with the duo rolling through an hour of seamless blends that show their years of experience.

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Listen to the podcast below: