Timo Maas - Morcheeba

Livio & Roby will be bringing their unmistakable low and slow melodic beats, forged in the depths of Bucharest to Room One of the legendary London club Fabric on September 20th. With a night that also see’s Craig Richards, Rhadoo and Premiesku (Live) take control this is a night to relish and be a part of!

Before the Romanian invasion of Livio & Roby and Premiesku kicks off on Saturday however, Livio & Roby have sat down with the lovely people at Fabric for an interview about their influences, processes and all things Romanian.

The boys have not stopped there and have compiled their very own Fabric Podcast which shows us exactly what to expect from their take over on Saturday and only adds to the excitement that will be Room One! You can see both the interview and podcast below!