When debut single ‘Yo Mae Leh’ rocketed to half a million streams in late 2017 and gained support from BBC 6 Music no one knew the enigma behind Invisible Minds was esteemed DJ, Tim Green. Now, with the announcement of the stunning ‘905 Users!’ video, premiered by Notion last week, the mysterious mastermind has revealed a debut album set to grace us on 5th October via Moshi Moshi Records.

Notion Article – 905 Users video premiere: http://notionmagazine.com/invisible-minds-takes-it-to-outer-space-on-905-users/

Make Up Your Own Stories, feels a felicitous title. Less a departure and more a new chapter in Tim Green’s adventure; the 11-track debut is a melding pot of musical inspiration that has been ruminating for over a decade, and crafted between studios, tours and rare quiet-moments. Revealing a more melodic side to Green’s musical personality, the vivacious debut is “honest and innocent and kinda searching for a feeling” as Green himself puts it. Inspired by everyone from Peter Gabriel to Icelandic icon Bjork, the album boasts an impressive array of musical exploration, with ghostly vocals, guitars soaked in nostalgia, “a chinese toy piano, an mbira from Tanzania and a kora from Africa”.

Pre Order the Album: https://invisibleminds.bandcamp.com/

Invisible Minds headlines Hoxton Hall on 13th November
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