New to our Roster, UK producer Hackman is soon to release his new EP ‘Carry On’, a 4-track love affair mixing soft ethereal textures, off-kilter rhythms, soulful vocals and grainy synth lines, accompanied by big time Berlin beatmaker Rampa on remix duties. Having previously released singles and EPs via well respected imprints Greco Roman, Well Rounded and Futureboogie Records,with tracks that often straddle the intimate space between headphone and dance-floor music, his EP dropping on 2020Vision at the end of November is no different; following the success of his ‘Change My Life’ EP last year and more recently ‘Fists of Ham’ things are certainly only moving on up for this young producer. Known for his vocally textured and melody driven productions, ‘Carry On’ sees Hackman continuing to explore the realms of breezy percussive house. Ahead of the release XLR8R and Thump have featured the ‘Carry On EP’, head over to their websites for a glimpse of whats to come:

XLR8R: http://www.xlr8r.com/news/2014/10/hackman-preps-new-ep-2020vision

Thump: http://thump.vice.com/en_ca/words/for-hackman-the-past-is-never-lost

BBC Radio One: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=782470175133884