Stay tuned for the EP’s digital release on SEPTEMBER 8TH!

The Venezuelan duo have done it again! After the massively successful releases of ‘The Right Move’ and ‘There’s No Time’ EPs, Fur Coat take centre stage with yet another bundle of crowd winning tracks destined to captivate the dancefloor. Making a triumphant return to Crosstown Rebels, this release showcases the duo’s most thoughtful and restrained material to date, the ‘U Turn EP’ is a deep and moody tour de force, technically on point and awash with hypnotic bleeps, dramatic tension and shards of vintage techno.

Head over to THUMP aka Vice Magazine and listen to an exclusive premiere of the title track ‘U Turn’ here: http://thump.vice.com/words/fur-coat-wants-you-to-take-a-u-turn-to-techno-town

Pete Tong also gave ‘U Turn’ a spin on Radio 1. Listen to the show here:

Clash were next up to spread the ‘U Turn’ hype and featured a premiere of the third track on the EP ‘Mumbata’. Again the track is a combination of Fur Coat’s classic production control and wild, unpredictable dance floor bass! Check it out here: CLASH.

Soundwall soon followed suit by premiering the second track from the EP ‘Borsch’, a track sured to be heard around the world this summer! Check it out here – SOUNDWALL.