Timo Maas follows the release of ‘Articulation’, his haunting release featuring Katie Cruel with another Rockets and Ponies offering; ‘College 84’, this time featuring the eminent Rock icon, Brian Molko of Placebo. Due out on 16th of September, the release comes inclusive of a multifarious remix package featuring Riva Starr, Butch, Patrick Chardronnet and Eric Volta.

Maas’ original mix runs a highly charged and gritty current under a vocal that is rich with exemplary doses of emotion and intensity. In a distorted and dense mix that climbs throughout, Maas manages to add a deeply interesting dimension to Molko’s voice. A widespread and layered texture working to compliment it perfectly in a more electronic manner than Molko’s fans may be accustomed to.

Riva Starr delivers a warped and driving dub and remix that cement a winding bass groove under apocalyptic stabs, panned vocals and chopped guitar motifs. With the vocals in the remix drenched in reverb, they creep in and out of focus before a rueful and melodic breakdown that sinks into a guitar riff set to catch the listener off guard. Crystalline percussive flicks dance above a sufficient degree of low­end substance to satisfy a prime­time dance floor.

Butch’s offerings also come in the form of a dub and remix that add a forceful Techno element to the package. A truncated electronic riff sits behind glacial sweeps and gathering percussion that climb to a density staggering in scale. In his efforts, Butch clearly showcases his knack for accelerating intensity and snowballing a mix towards a big­room crowd.

Eric Volta’s ‘Electric Bodies’ mix injects a luscious degree of cosmic electronica into the collection. Complex and melodically varied, the mix is peppered with vocoded vocals, swung hats and synth stabs that peregrinate freely whilst remaining anchored by a sharp and accurate clap.

Patrick Chardronnet’s ‘Ambient Mix’ instantly establishes an ethereal texture with ambient yawns and panned sweeps dominating the mix. In an offering far more dreamy than it’s predecessors, Chardronnet utilises Molko’s vocals, a staggered kick pattern and heavily reverberated signals to develop an end­of­set quality certainly suitable to soothe listeners into a cosmic state of consciousness.

Colourful and powerful in equal measures, College 84 and its various reworks mark another stage in the ever­developing levels of experimentation put forth by the Rockets and Ponies label.

Cat No: PONYD002
Artist: Timo Maas
Title: College 84
Label: Rockets & Ponies
Release Date: 16th September 2013

Download on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/college-84-feat-brian-molko/1150495