Be Yōkai is a new audio/visual collaboration uniting music with art and the moving picture from Sebastian Mullaert, Douglas Holmquist and Kristofer Ström. It is driven by rhythm and vibration, while aiming to deliver progressive, transcendent visual stimulation.

The project’s debut 12-inch (and its digital version) landed on Hypercolour sub-label Space Hardware on October 28th. It’s called Facefist and three of its four tracks are accompanied by moving images from Ström, which morph through surreal transitions between various anime-inspired figures in sync with the music. There are hopes to bring the audiovisual project to the stage in the future.

Sebastian’s musical endeavours have taken him around the world, both as a solo practitioner and in the duo known as Minilogue, among other projects. Douglas an accomplished composer for film animations, advertisements and video games, as well as making club music. Kristofer, a world-renowned illustrator and animation specialist, who is also adept when it comes to making music. All three men have known each other for over a decade, and worked closely together during that time on several occasions. This foundation has kept their ties strong and has also provided them with a comfortable layer upon which they are building an intriguing project.

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Expect more of things to come from Be Yokai. In the meantime, you can watch the video on Youtube